Simple tl;dr

- I love my family!
- Sunsets in the country and on a beach are the best view of God's creation!
- I have the heart to rescue kids from child sex slavery!
- Hats are a daily part of the wardrobe. (P.S. Comfy is the only way to work)
- My best friends are everything!
- Coffee is a real addiction!
- I get great enjoyment from living in the country, traveling to exotic (warm) places, being a dad boss, and having fun being an entrepreneur!
- Playing video games can both be fun and profitable! (Love me some oldschool Runescape & Apex)
- Starting businesses and teaching others how to make money!
- Currently, I run and own three profitable companies all while being a dad!
- I believe we are called to give to those in need!

I got my first real start of owning a business in 7th grade. My best friend and I at the time started a car detailing company after a challenge from our local church to raise money for missions.

We found that it was a very profitable side hustle in 7th grade and we made $1,000 in the first week. Here comes the no BS part...IT WAS HARD!

But we continued on during high school and learned some pretty valuable lessons about hard work, marketing, management, and how to be profitable!

Fast forward a few years and a few other semi-successful entrepreneur startups, we land in 2014 where I found the online world of money-making.

I am an addict to SEO and all things digital marketing, it fascinates me!

We started an online digital marketing company in 2015 with my father, he is a huge role model of mine and we currently own two companies together.

I truly love helping others and I am slowly learning that perspective and patience are what make you WIN in the end!

(Parent Company) What Does Phtal Aoy Industries Mean?

My Wife and I (Barnabas) were in Cambodia and Thailand in the summer of 2017 with an organization my wife works for called Destiny Rescue. While we were there I was really challenged personally to create something bigger than just for my own selfish gains. Instead, I wanted to create multiple things that I could leave a legacy for my kids and others.

While there is nothing wrong with either of those aspects, I felt that I was called to create something that could both support those aspects and also be a voice and tell a story and hopefully financially help a cause that I am very passionate about.

So, "Phtal Aoy" means GIVE in Khmer. This is the language that is spoken in Cambodia, which is where I fell in love with helping others.