My Mission



Over time my mission for life has changed drastically! I used to be that young guy who was always figuring out the angle to make money out of everything! (legit everything, see this example here)


My Present Why

I was experiencing some traction with my online businesses and that's when Phtal Aoy Industries was born (means to give in Khmer).

The whole purpose and why this company exists is to help other families, whose parents might be like me, and geared towards the entrepreneurial side, but have the restraints of kids and a family and the blessing of a day job! So they cannot even dream of saving for retirement or in some way financially or physically help those who need our help!

My mission is to have all parents who want to help provide more income for their family be able to have the tools to do so! Nothing is more annoying than having to not give to someone or do something nice because your budget is tight (nothing wrong with a tight budget) but if you cannot give or help others, then you are missing out on happiness and doing some much needed good in this dark world!