Phtal Aoy Industries LLC

What Does "Phtal Aoy" Mean?

My Wife and I (Barnabas) were in Cambodia and Thailand in the summer of 2017 with an organization my wife works for called Destiny Rescue. While we were there I was really challenged personally to create something bigger than just for my own selfish gains. Instead, I wanted to create multiple things that I could leave a legacy for my kids and others.

While there is nothing wrong with either of those aspects, I felt that I was called to create something that could both support those aspects and also be a voice and tell a story and hopefully financially help a cause that I am very passionate about.

So, "Phtal Aoy" means GIVE in Khmer. This is the language that is spoken in Cambodia, which is where I fell in love with helping others.

What Is Our Mission!

Our mission is to create a company that can financially support both our families and allows us to have freedom in what we do. But more importantly, have a company that is actively being a voice for the girls that Destiny Rescue is rescuing through various streams.

This could be from sharing our journey as we head over there, to learning how to be better with our money by money management or creating more of it for the use of giving or serving, or creating goals for our profits to help in however is best needed in rescuing girls or any organization we believe in!

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Meet OurTeamFamilyFriendsof Phtal Aoy Industries

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Barnabas Brown

Founder | Entrepreneur Parent | Content Creator
I have an amazing wife who supports me through all my crazy endeavors. One amazing son and two dogs. Being overseas and seeing a great need over there made me want to start something that was able to bring in a good amount of money with a low overhead cost. I also wanted to make sure it was not location-dependent so that eventually my wife and I can travel overseas and help out full time! Owning multiple other successful startups, and still owning two of them today alongside my dad (oldest one is 10 years old), I have seen first-hand how awesome owning your own company can be, and how ridiculously hard it is to work for yourself! That being said, nothing in life comes easy! Those who make it look easy have put lots of hard work upfront!
Chris & Nebula Ohara

Chris O'hara

Software Engineer | Entrepreneur | Philomath
I have a beautiful wife, Nebula, who is a great support to me. We are kept busy with our cat, Cabbage, who thinks she is a dog. I love building new things and learning new technologies. I'm frequently working on side projects and am just beginning to help support the open-source community. Other hobbies include athletic activities, particularly basketball, as well as video games and reading. Barnabas and I have always dreamed of teaming up to start our own business, and it's exciting that we are finally on this journey together.

Phil Olson

Content Editor | Entrepreneur | Theatre Enthusist
I have myself, no pets, no wife, and no children, but I have a tight-knit group of friends and family whose presence I enjoy dearly. Born originally as a lactose-intolerant Cheesehead, an introverted play-actor, and an English-loving computer doctor, I am a growing contradiction with unrealized sarcasm. I am thoroughly convinced that the best way to get ahead in life is to relentlessly serve the people around you with the unique giftedness you've been given - and to never stop learning.

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